For this Whisky Tasting I had a corporate group that had been in a meeting room for the whole day. For this reason I tried a different approach, more visual aids than lecturing them. I started the session by explaining how Whisky is made, followed by the different types of whisky and how Whisky tastes different depending the region in Scotland you are at.

I started the tasting with Auchentoshan 12yo, a very mild easy to drink whisky from near Glasgow in the Lowlands. With a bit more of flavour and character I moved towards the Highlands and gave them a taste of Glenmorangie Original.

The trip around Scotland took us next to the Spey Side, where a MacAllan 12y0 filled the sweeter palates.

After three nips the body was ready to face the more fiercesome Higland Park 12y0 from the Orkney Islands.

Laphroaig was kept for the grand finale and was met by some with a stern face and a burning sensation in their throat.

Resources used:

Whisky Making by Tomatin

The Man Who Walked the World by Johnny Walker